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مقارنة بين سامسونج جالكسي A70 و Galaxy A71

يسأل الكثير من المستخدمين عن الفرق بين سامسونج جالكسي A70 وسامسونج جالكسي A71 لذلك إليكم هذه المقارنة السريعه والتي تبرز أهم الإختلافات.

بالتاكيد موبايل SAMSUNG GALAXY A71 هو الأحدث ولكن لا ليست هناك إختلافات جوهريه بين كلا الجهازين من وجهة نظرنا المتواضعه. إذ يتشابه كلا الجهازين في الحجم وسعة البطارية والمساحة التخزينية. يتفوق A71 علي نظيره في الكاميرا الخلفيه إذا يأتي بأربع كاميرات وكذلك الذاكرة العشوائية RAM يزيد 2 جيجا بايت عن نظيره وكذلك تصميم الشاشة والكاميرات الخلفيه أفضل إلي حد كبير مقارنة بهاتف A70 , للمزيد من التفاصيل ومواصفات سامسونج جالكسي A71 و A70 والفروقات بينهم الرجاء مراجعة البيانات التالية:

موديل الموبيل

مواصفات سامسونج جالكسي A70

مواصفات سامسونج Galaxy A71

صورة الموبيل مواصفات سامسونج جالكسي A70 مواصفات سامسونج Galaxy A71
السعر EGP5,400.00 EGP7,777.00
تقييم خبرائنا للهاتف 8.2 9.6
الماركة سامسونج سامسونج
التصنيف موبايلات موبايلات


نوع الجهاز هاتف محمول هاتف محمول
الموديل GALAXY A70 GALAXY A71
تم الإعلان عنه 26-03-2019 01-12-2019
تاريخ الإطلاق 01-05-2019 24-02-2020
حالة التوفر Available Available
السعر 5400 1349


الإرتفاع 164.3 مم 163.6 مم
العرض 76.7 مم 76 مم
العمق 7.9 مم 7.7 مم
الوزن 83 جم 179 جم
الحماية مصنوع من البلاستيك وظهر زجاجي مصنوع من البلاستيك وظهر زجاجي
الألوان الابيض ,الأسمر ,الأزرق, الوردي ,المرجاني فضي , أسود , أزرق , وردي

الشبكات والإتصالات

شبكات 5G تقنية 5 جي الأسرع في العالم
شبكات 4G
شبكات 3G
شبكات 2G
شريحة SIM <strong>SIM</strong> (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small card that contains mobile network subscriber's account information. This allows the phone using the card to attach to a mobile network. The SIM card is most commonly associated with GSM and UMTS mobile networks. Moving a SIM card from one phone to another allows a subscriber to switch mobile phones without having to contact their mobile network carrier. SIM cards can also be used by a phone to store limited amounts of data, such as phone numbers and text messages. Nano SIM Nano SIM
شريحة مزدوجه ثنائي الشريحة متوفر
واي فاي Wi-fi <strong>Wi-Fi</strong> is a popular wireless networking technology using radio waves to provide high-speed network connections that allows devices to communicate without cords or cables, Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connectivity all over the world. متوفر 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G+5GHz, VHT80 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G+5GHz, VHT80
تقنية NFC <strong>NFC</strong> (Near field communication) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish peer-to-peer radio communications with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.
البلوتوث <strong>Bluetooth</strong> is a wireless communications technology for exchanging data between mobile phones, headsets, computers and other network devices over short distances without wires, Bluetooth technology was primarily designed to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices.
ملاحظات عامه Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2Mbps)

Wi-Fi Direct متوفر
متوفر Wi-Fi Direct وبلوتوث الإصدار الخامس حتي 2 ميجا بت في الثانية


عرض النوع <strong>Display Technology => </strong> A number of display technologies and types used in mobile phones => TFT (Thin Film Transistor), IPS (In-Place Switching), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode), Super AMOLED (an even advanced version of AMOLED), Resistive Touchscreen (Resistive touchscreens contain two layer of conductive material with a very small gap between them which acts as a resistance), Capacitive Touchsceen (Capacitive touchscreen technology consists of a layer of glass coated with a transparent conductor) Super AMOLED Super AMOLED Plus
الحجم 6.7 بوصة 6.7 بوصة شاشة زجاجية بالكامل
الدقة 1080*2400 FHD+ 1080*2400 (FHD+)
شاشة تعمل باللمس نعم MULTI TOUCH


الرئيسية <strong>Camera</strong> is able to capture photographs and usually videos, The most important characteristics of a camera are the resolution (measured in megapixels), lens focus type (fixed or automatic), higher megapixel cameras are known to capture higher quality photos, but not always a good measurement of the photos quality. ثلاث كاميرات MP 32.0 + 5.0 MP + 8.0 MP اربع كاميرات 64.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 5.0 MP + 5.0 MP
مميزات الكاميرا التركيز التلقائي , ديجيتال زوم حتي 8X
دقة تسجيل الفيديو UHD 4K (3840 x 2160)@30fps
الحركة البطيئه 240fps @HD

Digital Zoom up to 8x
التركيز التلقائي
تقنية (UHD 4K(3840×2160 بسرعة 30 إطار في الثانية
التصوير البطئ 240fps @HD
خاصية التصوير بمنتهى الثبات Super Steady
الفلاش <strong>Flash Light => </strong> There is commonly two types of flash lights are used in camera mobile phones, LED Flash (LED flash offers lower power consumption with drive circuitry that takes up very little room, LEDs can be strobed faster than any other light source), Xenon Flash (xenon flash produces an extremely intense full-spectrum white light for a very short duration) متوفر متوفر
الكاميرا الأماميه 32.0 MP ‎32.0 MP‎
اوبتيكال زوم 5x 5x

سوفت وير

Operating System <strong>OS => </strong> Every computer system run on a base software called Operating System (OS). Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer (such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices). The Operating System allows the user to install and run third party applications (apps), apps are used to add new functionality to the device. أندرويد 9 ويمكن ترقيته ANDROID 10


نوع Chipset <strong>Chipset</strong> is a group of integrated circuits designed to perform one or a more dedicated functions, often with real time computing constraints, Popular smartphones are equipped with more advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks depending on their programming. Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675
المعالج <strong>CPU</strong> (Central Processing Unit) mostly known as processors, CPU processes instructions in order to carry out certain functions that make your device operate properly. Processors are often described as the brain of computers, smartphones and tablets, Smartphones and tablets rely on processors to carry out their every task, Processors are an incredibly important factor in selecting any type of computing device, including your smartphone. Octa-Core 2 جيجاهرتز, 1.7 جيجاهرتز OCTA CORE 2.2GHz, 1.8GHz ثماني النواه
كارت الشاشة <strong>GPU</strong> (Graphics Processing Unit) is a single-chip processor designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display, This includes things such as lighting effects, object transformations, and 3D motion. Adreno 612
الذاكرة العشوائية (الرام) <strong>RAM</strong> (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly, any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes that allows information to be stored and accessed quickly from random locations. RAM is the most common type of memory found in computer systems, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. 6 GB 8 GB
المساحة التخزينية الداخلية <strong>Internal Storage</strong> is a data storage space (flash memory) mostly used in smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices where operating system, apps, music, photos, videos, files and other user data Is stored. 128 جيجا بايت مع دعم MICROSD حتي 512 جيجا بايت 128 جيجا بايت مع إمكانية إضافة كارت ميموري حتي 512 جيجا بايت
المنافذ <strong>Memory Card Slot</strong> is a special slot for inserting a memory card. Memory cards allow you to expand the phone's built-in memory, A memory card (sometimes called a flash memory card or a storage card) is a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio, and video, for use on small, portable or remote computing devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras. SIM 1 + SIM 2 + MicroSD SIM 1 + SIM 2 + MicroSD منفذ 3.5 مم ستريو
المستشعرات <strong>Sensors</strong> are electronic components that detects and responds to some type of input from the physical environment. The specific input could be light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure and location, The output is generally a signal that is converted to use in computing systems, a location sensor, such as a GPS receiver is able to detect current location of your electronic device. مقياس السرعة, مستشعر البصمة, مستشعر الدوران, مستشعر المغناطيسية الأرضية, مستشعر المكان, مستشعر الضوء RGB, مستشعر درجة القرب
مقياس السرعة, مستشعر بصمة الأصبع, مستشعر جيروسكوب, مستشعر جغرافي مغناطيسي, مستشعر القاعة, ضوء الاستشعارRGB, مستشعر الاقتراب


نوع البطارية <strong>Battery Type => </strong> Cell phones run on various kinds of batteries depending on the manufacturer, phone size or shape and features. There are basically four types of cell phone batteries => Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium. Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
السعة <strong>Battery Capacity</strong> is a measure (typically in Amp-hr) of the charge stored by the battery, and is determined by the mass of active material contained in the battery. The battery capacity represents the maximum amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery under certain conditions. 4500 ملي أمبير مع توفر الشحن السريع بقدره 25 واط 4500 مللي أمبير مع توفر الشحن السريع
زمن التحدث <strong>Talk Time</strong> is the longest time that a single battery charge will last when you are constantly talking on the phone under perfect conditions, Ambient temperature and highly dependent on the cellular network environment such as the distance to the closest cell network tower. حتي 28 ساعة 3جي حتى 107 ساعة
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